Arise Family Church

Pastors Jeff and Audrey Loewen

Beyond The Waters Edge Ministries

Rev. Donna Kasur

Champion City Church

Pastors Dean and Laura Forster

Edmonton Word of Faith

Pastors Doug and Svetta Klan

Family of Faith Church

Pastors Ron and Bev Swanson

Finishing Touch Ministries

Pastors Lorne and Wendy Ganske

Go Forward Ministries

Pastor Lori and Dave Hubschmid

God Embassy

Pastors Bod and Dora Idris

Harvest Church International

Pastors Alfred and Cathy Lalchan

Impact Life Church

Pastors Joel and Jaime Huizing

Impact Nations Ministries

Pastors John and Ingrid Huizing

Living Word Fellowship

Pastors Dale and Anne Wright

MFIN Church

Pastor Binyam and Azmera Girma-Legesse

MyKing Ministries

Pastor Barry and Cheryl Semeschuk

Solid Rock Church

Pastors Cam and Kandace Hart

Viens Ministries

Pastor Louis and Etta Viens

Word of Faith Family Church

Pastors Brad and Crystal Boychuk

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5833 53 Ave. Red Deer, AB, Canada T4N 4L4 1-403-340-3880