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Equipping Christians for Effective Living and Kingdom Building


How Impact U Works

Welcome to Impact U! We’re thrilled you’ve found our website knowing you have the heart to know Jesus in a deeper way. Our vision is to equip Christians to live their lives effectively for Jesus. Impact U is for all believers desiring to take their relationship with God to the next level. Our desire is to bring the heart of God and His Word to each student so they are impacted and leave an impact wherever the Lord has called and placed them. You are designed by God for greatness and we look forward to connecting and growing with you! 

Pastors Joel & Jaime

Impacting Canada Ministries


Impact U is a Bible school program located in Red Deer, Alberta. We offer various classes throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring months covering varying topics concerning Christianity, God, and the Bible. 



Impact U offers a one and two-year certificate program. Graduation from the first year requires a total of 30 credits for a Certificate in Faith Studies. Completing the two-year program earns the student a Certificate in Christian Leadership.  Students earn credits by completing courses.



Impact U currently runs its first-year courses in-class exclusively online with future plans to develop further second-year courses.

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