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//Impacting Canada Ministries approves the use of our resources to assist churches in

   relationship with us. 

//Hold regular meetings and workshops for the purpose of helping establish relationship among

   fellow ministers and ministries.

//Counsel and oversight to ministers and churches

//If requested, to fill pulpits during holidays or a required absence from your ministry.

//Assistance in finding temporary or permanent pastors, leaders etc.

//Provide credentials for qualified ministers

//Share visiting ministers when applicable

//Communicate information relevant to events and special services

//Assistance in pioneering new churches

//Support in establishing new churches, building projects and in emergencies.

//Aid in establishing church government – eg: developing church boards, establishing

   policies, constitutions, etc.


//Adopt the ICM Statement of Faith and doctrinal positions and give consideration to any

   positional statements as deemed necessary to clarify issues.

//You hold yourself accountable to ICM.

//Support ICM through regular Membership giving and at meetings and gatherings.

//Pastors, ministers and members attend at least one complete scheduled event per year and make

   every effort to send leadership representatives.

//That ICM members be present at the official annual meeting.

This understanding allows for the organization and the member to be autonomous and neither party shall be responsible for any legal or financial obligation or liabilities of the other parties.

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